District 8 Representative Troy Hashimoto recently brought to our attention that the State Reapportionment Commission is proposing new Voting District boundaries which will drastically affect our Waikapu community. 

Briefly, based on the recent 2020 Census, Waikapu will be split into two different districts beginning with the 2022 election cycle. Since every representative district must be similar in population size, the current Hawaii State Reapportionment Commission has proposed removing Waikapu from ‘Central Maui’ and placing this community with West Maui for the State House. In addition, upper Waikapu and lower Waikapu will be split up in the proposed State Senate map. In the proposed scenario, the upper half of Waikapu will be represented by the Central Maui Senator and the lower portion will be represented by the West/South Maui Senator.  We will lose our connection as a contiguous central Maui community.

Community Input Requested:

The decision to implement this proposal will be made by the end of 2021. We must make our voices heard as soon as possible to the State Reapportionment Commission (Grant Chun is the Maui member on the Commission) and also the Maui Advisory Council (Tony Takitani, Agnes Hayashi, George Fontaine, and Rob Stephenson).  The Commission has 20 business days to gather community input and wants to hear from you via testimony at the various public hearings or via email.  We encourage Waikapu residents (and also West Maui residents) to present their testimony against this proposal.

Testify at a Public Hearing:

These are the dates and Zoom links for the State Reapportionment Commission’s public hearing on Maui.  You can attend ANY of the meetings that fit your schedule as they will all be conducted over zoom. 

Dec 3, 2021   2:00 pm  (Lanai)

Video: Zoom   Meeting ID: 956 7507 9152

Dec 3, 2021   6:00 m  (Molokai)

Video: Zoom   Meeting ID: 937 3667 6229

Dec 6, 2021   6:00  pm  (Lahaina) 

Video: Zoom   Meeting ID: 919 1713 3053

Dec 7, 2021   6:00 pm  (Kahului) 

Video: Zoom   Meeting ID: 952 3084 0970 

Or Email the State Commission and/or Maui Advisory Committee:

If you are unable to testify, you can email your thoughts and testimony to the State Reapportionment Commission to  reapportionment@hawaii.gov  

Please include your name, email and phone number.  This will then be entered into the official record of the Commission.

Mahalo for your interest and willingness to help us keep our entire Waikapu community intact and supported as part of central Maui.

Travis Polido, WCA President