The Waikapu Community Assocation is having an emergency board meeting by Zoom with the hot topic being the proposed Reapportionment, which affects Waikapu!

Topic: WCA Board Mtg – Nov 8
Time: Nov 8, 2021 07:00 PM

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Meeting ID: 856 0165 3846
Passcode: 040582

Frequently Asked Questions on the 2021 Hawaii Reapportionment Process

What is the reapportionment process?
Every 10 years, the U.S. Census counts every resident in the United States mandated by the U.S. Constitution. The results are used by the Hawaii State Reapportionment Commission to redraw both U.S. Congressional seats, Hawaii State Senate, and Hawaii State House seats to ensure that each representative district is equal in representation.

Is Central Maui impacted?
Yes! In Maui County, the population grew from the 2010 Census, but specific areas of Maui grew faster than others, notably Central Maui. As a result, the elected representatives in Central Maui represent too many residents. South and West Maui did not grow as fast as Central Maui (the timing of the Census of April 1, 2020 also likely impacted results due to COVID-19). As a result, the representative districts of South and West Maui need to add additional residents for all representative districts to be equal.

The current proposal from the Hawaii Reapportionment Commission calls for the West Maui House member to include all of Waikapu, removing it from the Wailuku House member. The South/West Maui Senator is proposed to now include lower Waikapu (Spencer Homes) and the Legends of Maui Lani. This would mean the upper half of Waikapu would be represented by the Central Maui Senator and lower Waikapu by the South/West Maui Senator.

Why does it matter to Waikapu?
Representation matters. Keeping communities together allows for an elected official to advocate for specific community needs with one unified voice. Waikapu is typically known to be a part of Central Maui with similar concerns – going to the same schools, library, health care facilities, experiencing the same traffic, and community issues. Splitting up Waikapu likely will not be the best fit with West Maui both geographically and on issues that impact the community. West Maui issues are unique and is very different than Central Maui. The proposed maps make it very confusing for residents and could make Waikapu an after-thought because it is now split among several elected representatives.

Where can I view the proposed map?

Where can I find more information on the Reapportionment Commission:

What can I do?
The Reapportionment Commission will be holding hearings on each island to hear from community members on the proposed maps in late November/beginning of December. Testimony will go a long way in advocating for the Waikapu community being represented by a Central Maui representative and not separated as a community. (see attached sample testimony).

Written testimony can be submitted at any time to – in-person testimony will also be accepted on the date an official meeting is scheduled.