As some of you may know, there is a proposal for a 3-story, multi building workforce rental apartment complex to be developed on the South side of Kuikahi and Waiale across from Long’s. This development will bring 324 units and at least 648 more vehicles to the area that is already inundated with traffic at peak hours.


The Board of Directors of the Waikapū Community Association has heard your concerns about heavy traffic already in the area at peak commute times, egress onto Waiale and Kuikahi roads and the already over populated schools in our district. 



While we feel this could be a great project and a necessary one for our island, it is our belief that this is the wrong location for a mega development such as the one being proposed. If you too feel strongly about this, please, write to the county council members and tell them. Their emails are listed here:, Council Chair, Council Vice-Chair, Presiding Officer Pro Tempore, Councilmember, Councilmember, Councilmember, Councilmember, Councilmember, Councilmember



And if you really want to get your voice heard, please show up to the County building on Wednesday, October 17 at 1:30pm when the proposed project goes up to the Land Use Committee. You can give your testimony about the project in person then.



Thank you!