We had a really good meeting last night at Valley Isle Fellowship. Several helicopter tour companies showed up along with representatives from the FAA to answer questions. Many of our areas residents have been complaining about the recent influx of helicopter noise in the area and noted an increase in helicopter tour operation in the area as well.

While there were no agreed upon solutions, the FAA and tour operators were all cordial and seemed to seriously care for our community and its concerns. Several ideas were given that will be taken into consideration and floated around to the other operators who were not present at the meeting.

In regards to noise, a representative from the Hawaii Helicopters Association pointed us to a website where we can go on and voice our concerns at: www.planenoise.com/hha or call (808) 639-5566. We encourage all residents to take a look at this website and voice your opinions.

Also on hand was Pete Cella (Chief Pilot for Sunshine Helicopters – 808/871-5600 ext 107) who was committed to doing all he could and committed his company for the same in relation to not flying over houses and staying as high as possible to avoid noise pollution. Several of the other operators agreed to this as well and voiced that they do tell their pilots to attempt to access the Waikapu Valley from the south when conditions permit so as to not fly over houses and create unwanted noise.